Don't miss a sale because your prospects can't find what they are looking for! Searchify™ provides autocomplete for your store so your visitors can quickly find exactly what they are looking for.

Rich Autocomplete

With our rich autocomplete widget users see matching products as they type, including suggestions for misspelt product titles.

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It take less than a minute to sign up for the free Searchify plan. Installation is automatatic, and your products will be indexed immediately.




Searchify provides real time search for your Shopify store, providing your customer with more relevant results, faster. It's that simple!

  • Real time search as you type....simply enter the first few letters of what you are looking for and Searchify will automatically start pulling results based on the content in your Shopify store
  • No need to be letter perfect...Searchify will provide relevant search results even if the spelling is not quite right!
  • Real time search intelligence...find out what terms your customers are searching for in your store and what items they click on.
  • Search Analytics... tracks search terms across search engines, including the position of your search hit in the results.


Try Searchify yourself using products from Poetry in Flowers.

(Hint: try "roses" or "bouquet")

How does it work?

Installation is automatic so you don't need to change any code. Searchify starts indexing your products as soon as you sign up, and will continue checking every day for changes.

How much?

Searchify is free for up to 25 products. The paid plan is $5.95/month. Read more.

Special OfferSpecial Offer: for a limited time we are offering a discounted price if you sign up for Shopify using our affiliate link. Send us your store name after you have created your store and we'll send you a coupon code that entitles you to $1.00 off the monthly subscription price.


Kathleen (ClosiTherapi)
Just looked at the results and it looks GREAT! What a feature to have in a search... I think it really brings the "other" items into the picture so to speak so that it may "peak" an interest in potential customers... I love the imagery as well as the ease and simplicity! The thumbnails are clear and consistent...